Yanning Chen
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Coding Languages

My personal views on languages I've used (or not).

  1. OCaml - An impressive higher-order imperative language that's at a sweet spot between expressiveness and practicality. I'm still not used to its module system and untyped effects, but I do enjoy the experience of writing OCaml code.
  2. Coq - The go-to proof assistant for me. Good ecosystem and community, and I'm also a fan of tactics. But things can get really messy when it comes to Ltac and dependent types. One day I might try out Lean. Sorry, Coq xD
  3. Rust - Finally, an industrial language with ADT, typeclass(-like stuff), affine types, and a core team that REALLY cares about soundness! Was my first choice for hobby projects before I met OCaml.
  4. Python - I still use it for quick prototyping and data analysis. Be hold the evil power of monkey and duck stuff!
  5. Haskell - It traumatized my friend with endless monad transformers and chrome-like HLS (in terms of memory usage), so I haven't tried it yet. But hey, who can resist the temptation of purity and laziness? Going to try it out. Please pray for my mental health.
  6. C++ - Meh. Hard to learn, hard to use, hard to debug. Not my cup of tea.
  7. Go - It has a good runtime and really impressive compilation speed. That's all the good things I can say about it.
  8. HTML/CSS/JS - I use them each time I need to update my website or write a GUI.
  9. Visual Basic - My first programming language. Look! It has effect handlers! (Just kidding. I'm not sure whether "err: Resume Next"s are true effect handlers.)

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