Yanning Chen
E53E D56B 7F20 B7BB

B.Eng in Computer Science @ Shanghai Jiao Tong University (2019 - present)

Generally interested in PL concepts and techniques that helps people build correct and efficient software, especially in a correct-by-construction way. I mainly worked on deductive verification and compiler correctness, and also did some work on DSL design and synthesis.

And now, I'm interested in:

  • Composable and expressive semantics (e.g. Interaction Trees)
  • Interesting language features like staging and effect systems
  • Beautiful and practical type theory and systems (e.g. row polymorphism, gradual typing, session types, etc.)
  • Other formal methods like property-based testing, fuzzing and model checking
  • Stuff that might rescue us from tedious proof engineering (e.g. proof synthesis and better HCI)

I'm actively applying for PhD programs in PL.
See also: Resume

On-going Projects

  1. Optimizing Compiler for ZK Circuits
    advised by Prof. Yu Feng at CS@UCSB
  2. Verification-aided Source Code Optimization
    advised by Prof. Qinxiang Cao at JHC@SJTU

For details, see works.


  1. Interaction Trees: A denotational semantics and its equational theorems
    Paper sharing talk, PLSE Lab@UCSB [KeyNote] [PDF]

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